Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul is reportedly angry with the organization.  The soon-to-be free agent is upset with the Clippers for insinuating that he was behind coach Vinny Del Negro's firing, ESPN reports.

"He's angry right now and his anger is directed toward the Clippers organization," a source told ESPN's Chris Broussard.  "Chris (Paul) is a man of principle and if he feels like you've gone against his principles, it will affect how he feels about you.  He's very agitated that his name has been put out there as the reason for Vinny's firing.  He had nothing to do with it."

Del Negro was terminated on May 21, shortly after the team's first-round playoff loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.  Clippers owner Donald Sterling later implied to the Los Angeles Times that Paul was behind Del Negro's firing. 

"No, you're not off base," Sterling told a reporter when asked if players are now calling the shots.  "This is a players' league, and, unfortunately, if you want to win you have to make the players happy.  Don't you think that's true?"

It's uncertain whether this will effect Paul's decision to re-sign with the Clippers.  He becomes a free agent this summer, and he hasn't confirmed whether he'll stay in Los Angeles. 

The Clippers can offer Paul $28 million more than any other team with a five-year, $108 million contract.  It helps that a solid team surrounds him, including All-Star Blake Griffin and center DeAndre Jordan.  The team also made it into the playoffs the last two seasons with Paul's arrival, giving him the opportunity to compete for a Finals trophy.

The big market, the money and the apparent control he has over the team might make staying with the Clippers too enticing to pass up — even if ownership threw him under the bus with Del Negro's firing.

Still, Paul is a six-time NBA All-Star with options on the table.  Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks could make a push for the guard, according to Bleacher Report.  They also have the cap space to do it and a proven coach in Rick Carlisle.  Adding free agent Dwight Howard, as they are reportedly trying to, would make Dallas an even more enviable destination.