After carefully planning a drug bust, an Australian SWAT team apparently raided the wrong apartment.

A sleeping tenant got the shock of his life when the SWAT team used a battering ram to break into his apartment and he awoke to the site of guns drawn on him, according to The Associated Press via police official Josef Knoflach.

The SWAT team actually meant to break into a neighbor's apartment but had difficulty reading the apartment numbers in the dark. They had kept the the hall's lights off in order to protect their cover.

After Klagenfurt police handed out compensation forms to the wrong suspect, they made their way to the correct apartment and found what they were looking for: cocaine, cannabis and a suspicious amount of cash, according to AP. Two men are also in police custody, AP reported. 

This isn't the first time the Australian SWAT team made a mistake.

After getting a call about a potential sexual assault last February, SWAT officers set up a perimeter around a house at the scene and called out to suspects for six hours – until they entered the home and found no one was there, according to the Libertarian Republic.