Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney told Fox News Channel's "America's News HQ" host Uma Pemmaraju on Saturday that United States might be witness to another terror attack on September 11 this year, according to Breitbart.

In order to address the increasing threat of ISIS, an al-Qaeda breakaway group, the U.S. should "go to DEFCON 1, our highest state of readiness and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11," because "we may even see a 9/11/14," the network military analyst said.

In the interview, the missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 was also referenced by McInerney. On March 8, Flight 370 went missing en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Despite extensive land and sea searches, officials have failed to find any sign of the missing Boeing 777-200ER, which was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew. It's believed that the plane crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, west of Australia.

"On the seventh of September, a major news network and publishing network are going to put out a book. It is going to be earth shattering of what's happening and what happened. The fact is we may even see a 9/11/14 MH-370 surface again. We should go to DEFCON 1, our highest state of readiness and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11," he said.

When Pemmaraju asked, "When you say a major news organization is coming forward with a publication, what are you referring to specifically? Can you allude to that, give us more details?"

McInerney responded, "I can't give you any more than what I've just said. But it is going to be extremely important and America should take notice. We are less safe today than we were six years ago."

At this point, the general warned that America should raise the terror level ahead of the anniversary of 9/11, Breitbart reported.

Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers, R-Mich., said on August 17 that he believes the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has put the U.S. in more danger than it was in the lead up to the Sept. 11 attacks more than a decade ago, CBS News reported. "Before 9/11, there were single-level threat streams coming to the United States. So, pretty serious. Obviously they got in and conducted the attacks on 9/11. Now you have multiple organizations, all al Qaeda-minded, trying to accomplish the same thing," Rogers said in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation."

"Now you have two competing terrorist organizations, both of them want to get their credentials to the point where they can say, 'We are the premier terrorist organization.' Both want to conduct attacks in the West for that reason. And guess what? That means we lose at the end. If either one of those organizations is successful, we lose."

"The threat matrix is so wide and it's so deep. We just didn't have that before 9/11," Rogers said.