Mudjimba Beach on the Australian Coast witnessed a mysterious aquatic creature wash up on the shore Monday morning, UK MailOnline reported. Debbie Higgs, a local who walks on the beach every day, discovered the creature on the sand.

The unidentified creature is bright red, has ribbing, no limbs, eyes of mouth and has what appear to be frills around it. "It's definitely not a plant, it feels spongy like a jelly fish," Higgs told Daily Mail Australia, "It's cold and rather smelly."

Although Higgs only took pictures of the "blob" after discovering it and left it on the beach, she went back to retrieve it after receiving a lot of tweets. "I had no idea what it was so I took a picture of it and tweeted it," she said "I had so many retweets and responses from people speculating what it was."

"It is about 25 cm long, so about the length of my arm. I had a tea towel in the car so I picked it up and took it home and put it in a bucket of salty water."

Since Higgs was determined to find out what it was, she continued posting images of the mysterious sea creature on social media. "I've never seen anything like it and I'm on that beach every day. People were saying on Twitter that it might be a Spanish Dancer Slug," Higgs said, adding that they are most common in the warmer tropical waters of the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile, the pictures have created a storm on Higgs Twitter feed, which has been inundated with suggestions about what the bright red creature might be. While some have retweeted and tagged experts, others have taken the comedic route of saying it is "The red Teletubby" or "whale placenta", with one person even making a cheeky comparison to Prime Minister Abbott in budgie smugglers, according to UK MailOnline.

Without examining the creature closely, it would be difficult to identify it, a spokeswoman for Queensland Museum told Sunshine Coast Daily. However, they felt it could be a sea slug.

"I'm not sure what to do with it now, I took it home in case it was something extremely rare or something. I'll probably hand it over to the aquarium if it is, otherwise I'll just take it back to the beach," Higgs said.

The CSIRO has been contacted and is yet to identify the mysterious creature.