August is National Goat Cheese Month and the internet is celebrating by sharing different goat cheese recipes online.

America celebrates goat cheese in August because it's the best time to consume goat cheese. During the summer months, goats eat an assortment berries, making their milk more flavorful, according to the Artisanal Premium Cheese's blog. The flavorful milk becomes better tasting cheese, making the end of summer the best time to celebrate the food.

Farmers have always taken special care of their goats during warm weather due to the popularity of goat cheese. In 5000 B.C. (when the goat was first domesticated) goat cheese made its way from Ancient Greece to the Mediterranean, to Eastern Europe, Africa, South West Asia and India, according to Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery.

Once goat cheese made its way to America, it started being served in various shapes and sizes, depending on the region. Today, Americans celebrate National Goat Cheese Day by sharing their favorite goat cheese recipes on Instagram: