Oscar nominees who don't win an Academy Award at the February 2015 ceremony will receive a gift bag that contains a portable marijuana vaporizer for the first time, Jezebel reported on Friday.

The Haze Vaporizer will be inside the bag that's handed to losing nominees in the best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and best director categories, along with other pricey items.

Last year's gift bags were worth $85,000 and included a $15,000 walking tour of Japan, vouchers for flights around the world, a fancy cell phone case, artwork and almost $1,000 worth of weight-loss products, according to The New York Post.

The gift bags have contained e-cigarettes before, but this is the first time actors will find a vaporizer insider. The pipe is worth $250 and is marketed for tobacco consumption, but vaporizers are much more commonly used for marijuana consumption without the harsh burn of smoking traditionally.

Distinctive Assets puts the gift bags together, which have been handed out as a consolation prize at the Oscars for the last 13 years. Company Founder Lash Fary usually hosts a televised event showing off the contents of the bag before the big night.

Haze functions differently from other vaporizers because it offers two bowls and is about the size and shape of a small flask. The dual bowls let users double-up on whatever they're smoking, whether it be pot, tobacco, or a combination of the two. 

Haze CEO Taylan Saydar said he hopes Kristen Stewart, one known Hollywood pot smoker will be at the Oscars next year.

"She's super liberal, young and has a lot of followers. She's my favorite," he told The New York Post.

Saydar added that Haze wanted to get in front of the Hollywood scene to gain exposure after the product launched this summer, but he referred to the pipe as one that is used for tobacco and that smokers have been trying to find a way to consume nicotine in a healthy way.

"We are trying to represent the high-end, high-fashion, highly technological product," Saydar told The New York Post.