Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has received advice from New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick on fixing his image after his domestic violence case.

Vick has been fighting to repair his reputation since 2007, after he received charges associated with dogfighting and spent 18 months in federal prison, according to ESPN. He used his case as an example for how Rice can win back the public's trust.

"You've got to continue to make amends," Vick said. "Once you start something, you can never go back."

Vick also mentioned his work as an advocate for animal welfare and how he believes he has to keep doing it for the sake of animals, as well as kids.

"It's all about keeping kids 15 years from now from doing the same," he said. "We've saved a lot of kids, and we've saved a lot of animals. That's how I feel. Ray will make it right. He'll do everything he can to make this situation whole again."

Rice was arrested on Feb. 15 after allegedly hitting Janay Palmer, his fiancée at the time, during an incident at a hotel in Atlantic City, ESPN reported. In videos that have surfaced online, he was shown dragging what appeared to be an unconscious Palmer out of an elevator.

The incident led to Rice pleading not guilty to a third-degree charge of aggravated assault and being suspended for two games. He was also accepted into a pretrial intervention program in May to avoid trial.

While appearing at a news conference last month, Rice said he and Palmer, now his wife, are in counseling and that they want to advocate against domestic violence, The Baltimore Sun reported. Rice also expressed his apologies to all women who have been victims of domestic violence.

"When the time is right, when I get myself completely ready to go out there and do the things I've been doing out in the community, I will go out there and help as many people as I can," he said.

Vick said that it is also important for Rice to be true to his words and at least attempt to make amends for his actions.

"I think you have to show people that you're trying to help yourself and bring awareness to that situation to help others, to prevent it. You've got to become an advocate," Vick said.

Despite the incident with his wife and his suspension, Rice received warm receptions from fans, getting cheered when he was announced during pregame introductions in his first game back against the 49ers in a preseason game on Aug. 8, ESPN reported. He also received claps from fans after getting a 6-yard gain in his first run.

"That means the world to me," Rice said after the game. "Everything I went through, I don't take anything for granted anymore, especially going out there and playing in front of our fans. It's a lot of respect that I have to go out there and earn because of the position that I put myself in."