An 83-year-old retired taxi driver from the Bronx is now a multimillionaire after claiming his $11.5 million lottery prize on Tuesday at the Resorts World Casino in Queens, the New York Daily News reported.

Leroy Beckford won the jackpot with Quick Pick numbers at the 7 & 7 Deli and Grocery on East 241st St. He has played some form of the lottery every day, the New York Post reported.

Beckford couldn't bear to check and see if he had won when the winning numbers were displayed that night, so he asked one of his friends to look at the results. When he found out he won, Beckford was in total shock and called his daughter immediately to tell her the good news. The six Lotto jackpot numbers were 05-09-34-44-59.

He chose to take his winnings in one lump sum instead of spreading out the payments. After required tax withholding, Beckford took away $4,591,672. He plans to use his windfall to enjoy the final years of his life, according to the New York Daily News.

His daughter Michelle, whom Beckford lives with, said she's excited for her father and wants to see him live the rest of his life comfortably. She thinks Beckford will buy a Lexus and hire someone to drive it for him, citing his love for the car, the New York Post reported.

Michelle said her father might find a wife now, and added they are the only two members of their family in New York.

New York lottery officials also introduced five $1 million winners, including two scratch-off players and three Powerball runners-up, according to The New York Daily News.  The three Powerball millionaires were Frank Compoccio of Long Island, Leonor Perez of Queens and Marie Davidson-James of Brooklyn, the New York Daily News reported.