The Cleveland Cavaliers could be interested in trading for New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert. reported Cleveland might consider adding Shumpert, depending on what Knicks president Phil Jackson asks for in return.

In an effort to improve his frontcourt, Jackson purportedly is shopping his guards - namely Shumpert and J.R. Smith.  The market has been quiet to date for the Knicks' plethora of 2-guards and swingmen, although that could change with Cleveland.

Shumpert, known more for his defensive prowess than for his scoring, could be an option to bolster Cleveland's backcourt depth, if the Cavaliers move incumbent starting 2-guard Dion Waiters.  HoopsRumors called Shumpert a "viable idea" for Cleveland if New York's asking price isn't too steep.

"As for Shumpert, that's a viable idea, although the Knicks would probably ask for assets that Cleveland would be unwilling to surrender," Chuck Myron of HoopsRumors wrote Monday.

Cleveland appears to be looking for a perimeter defender to round out their roster.  Myron reported the Cavaliers met with free agent Shawn Marion, although the team would only be able to offer him a minimum contract.

Waiters is Cleveland's equivalent of Shumpert, in the sense Waiters has been constantly linked to trade rumors.  Although the Knicks have no reason to trade for him, Waiters being moved to another team - and assuming free agent Ray Allen doesn't sign with the Cavaliers - could open the door to a potential deal for Shumpert.

Along with Shumpert and Smith, Jackson purportedly has 7-footer Andrea Bargnani on the trade block.