Users may now enjoy reading a web page on their own language by installing the latest Chrome browser.

Google first introduced the Google Translate web feature in 2001 to help its users understand a web page written on a foreign language. Users may put a foreign word, phrase or sentence in the translation box which will then be translated to your preferred language. It started with eight languages and jumped to 63 languages in 2012.

Last 2012, wrote that Google Translate serves 200 million people monthly and the number of words translated may reach over 1 million books. While the French to English and Italian to English is fairly accurate based on a report released 2010, the feature received criticisms on the translations made on other languages due to multiple grammatical and contextual errors.

The developers updated the feature to make it compatible with the different mobile devices where it debut in Apple's iOS in February 2011 with 50 languages. In October 2011, it became available to Android devices.

In 2013, Google Translate underwent series of updates wherein the last was May 23. The feature has now 71 languages and was even made better as it partners with Google Chrome Beta 28. This new Chrome is free to download from the Play Store and has a specification that will automatically translate the entire web page. The user will no longer need to copy-paste each words or phrases to get the translation.  

Accuracy is still an issue and the developers are trying to fix it until now since it works under statistical machine translation in which Google Translate picks the equivalent word from the U.N database. U.N has six language databases.

The Chrome Beta in the Play Store currently has a 4.5 star rating in the website with over 500,00 downloads.