A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to solve an age-old bathroom problem by introducing a smart toilet paper holder that lets the user know when the roll is running out.

The device, called the RollScout, comes in the form of a sleek toilet paper holder that is mounted on the wall and comes with an infrared emitter and sensor for monitoring the amount of paper on the roll, according to CNET. When the roll reaches a certain amount of paper, the emitter and sensor connect, and a round amber light lets the user know that a new roll is needed.

RollScout is powered by a battery that can run up to a year on a single A123. The team designed it to only send out an alert every few minutes.

The creators of the device use a "low duty cycle" algorithm to make its battery life as long as possible, SiteProNews reported.

"Simply put, RollScout wakes up once every few minutes to activate its sensors for a fraction of a second," the RollScout webpage reads. "If there is nothing to report, it goes back to sleep. If a warning is needed, it stays awake and checks every few seconds until the toilet paper roll is replaced. Under normal use, a battery will last nine to 12 months. RollScout has a low battery warning that glows blue."

A working prototype of the project has already been built, but the RollScout team aims to raise $37,500 so its product can go into production. The team has received $200 in pledges so far, and potential backers have 29 days left to show their support for the campaign.