Microsoft announced Thursday it will debut a pair of Sculpt mice that will come equipped with a Start button, according to Paul Thurrott. Unlike the normal timetable for new hardware following a launch, the two mice are expected to hit stores in about one month.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse comes with the Windows touch tab—a blue strip that is touch-sensitive and located on the side of the mouse. It lets you work your way through Windows 8 by simply touching or swiping your finger.


When you touch the blue strip you are taken straight to the Start screen. Swipe up and you can navigate your way through the open “Metro” apps. Swipe down and you access the Switcher interface.

The Sculpt Mobile Mouse is a little less complicated. It simply comes with a small Windows button and four-way scrolling.

The Sculpt Comfort Mouse will cost $39.95. The Sculpt Mobile will cost $29.95. The Comfort Mouse will ship before the end of this month. The Mobile Mouse will be released in June. BlueTrack technology is available on both devices. The Comfort Mouse connects to devices through Bluetooth and the Mobile Mouse requires a USB cable.

The announcement comes on the heels of Microsoft’s Xbox One launch in Redmond, Wash. Microsoft plans to present the One’s capabilities in two stages. Tuesday, Microsoft revealed some of the new console’s features such as Snap Mode, the new home screen, its cloud integration, and its TV capabilities. Microsoft will make the second half of the presentation at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, on June 10.