A Ukrainian student has created a drone capable of whipping up any drink, from cocktails, to coffee and tea.

Herman Haydin, a student at the Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture in the Ukraine, designed the flying robot bartender, named Yura, to make and serve drinks to users, according to PSFK.

Users can activate the robot in different ways, such as sending it messages and instructions from their phone or computers, or by using voice commands.

The ability to fly above users allows Yura to reduce its chances of knocking into guests or causing spills, Discovery News reported. The drone also runs on batteries powered by kinetic energy, which lets it serve up beverages efficiently.

Haydin designed the robot to be able to hand out beverages with the correct ingredients and measurements, as well as understand important details about the drinks, such as caloric content.

Yura is able to configure this information thanks to its computer brain, which can manage a navigation map, power settings, voice commands and Wi-Fi and software downloads, PSFK reported. Other information that the brain can arrange includes the temperature of liquids and the number of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in a beverage.

The drone also has the ability to heat and cool drinks, charge itself, perform sensory body screens and holds a tiny cartridge for liquids, which comes in different sizes. The cartridge includes an Electrolux logo that allows the user to see the condition of the contained liquid. Spherical folding cups are used by the robot to serve drinks, but beverages can also be served in the user's cup. Users can customize the parts and shell of the drone with different colors.

Yura finished as part of the Top 35 Finalists in the annual Electrolux Design Lab competition, which started in 2003 as an event that let undergraduate and graduate design students develop their own inventions to be used at home, PSFK reported. The three focus areas for this year's competition were culinary enjoyment, fabric care, and air purifying.