Bryan Singer has filed a motion to dismiss the civil lawsuit against him by an unknown actor claiming the director sexually abused him.

Variety reports attorneys have filed the motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by "John Doe 117."  Singer's lawyers claimed there is "no legal basis" for the lawsuit.  Jeffrey Herman, who also represents Michael Egan in his civil case agains the director, filed the lawsuit for John Doe.

Shortly after Egan filed the lawsuit in April, Singer countered with a motion to dismiss the case.  According to a different Variety report from May, Singer claimed he has solid alibis for the dates in question when the alleged sexual abuse took place.

"The timing of this action and inclusion of its sordid (and provably false) allegations are nothing more than tools being used to embarrass, harass, and pressure Singer and precipitate a shakedown of a perceived 'deep pocket,'" the motion said, according to Variety.

The original lawsuit came a month before the release of Singer's "X-Men: Days of Future Past" film.

Egan, 31, filed lawsuits against David Neuman, Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard and director Bryan Singer last April. 

Neuman's attorney was quick to respond to Egan's allegations of sexual abuse when he was a minor in 1999.  The former Disney executive's lawyer released the following statement to The Wrap back in April:

"My client David Neuman categorically and unequivocally rejects the allegations in Mike Egan's complaint, which are monstrous, utter and outrageous fiction...Mr. Neuman was never on any private jet trip to Hawaii, with Mike Egan or anyone else in 1999, and in fact was not in Hawaii that year at all. It should be noted that Mike Egan made similar allegations against others in a lawsuit that he filed in 2000 and he chose not to sue Mr. Neuman."

However, Egan has since dropped the case against Neuman.