The Chumby Service returned today with a large amount of apps, after closing down operations just one year ago.

Chumby first launched its smart alarm clocks in the 2000s and shut down after trying to launch a TV platform, according to The Verge.

"After a year-long hiatus, the Chumby Service has finally been completely restored," wrote Duane Maxwell, former vice president of software at Chumby. "The new service is a nearly complete rewrite of the original service- it's been brought up to date with new technologies and made faster and more efficient than ever."

When Chumby Industries Inc., the device's original owner, shut down in 2013, Blue Octy took over and released the service so it could be used as an alarm clock and a music player. The service is being relaunched by current owner Blue Octy, which announced Chumby's return today, Geeky Gadgets reported.

The new version of Chumby will feature over 1,000 apps and has been redesigned to perform faster and more efficiently. The original service was introduced at a time before smartphones became popular, and served as an alternative to bedside clock radios, Engadget reported.

Chumby is capable of connecting the user to Facebook and Twitter, as well as displaying video streams and RSS feeds. However, in order to work, the device has to connect to the Chumby network. Consumers will be able to access all of the apps for a $3 monthly subscription fee, which is the only way for Blue Octy to fund the service now, since it is not as big of a company as Chumby Industries first was, Liliputing reported.

Those who already own a Chumby device will be able to get music and other features for free, The Verge reported. Blue Octy has also restored all user accounts for the service.