Twitter Inc. is testing a new button called "Buy Now," which allows users to purchase products on its website that are shown in tweets.

Users will only be able to see the button on the social networking company's mobile app, according to PC Magazine. The button was tested by Re/code, but was not working at the time.

"Tapping on them didn't do anything," the report states. "But Re/code did speak to someone who said that tapping on the button earlier on Monday did lead to a checkout page opening up within the Twitter app. Re/code could not replicate that experience."

PCMag has been able to find a "Visit Now" button on a Blue Apron on, as well as a "Shop Now" button on a Home Depot advertisement, but was unable to find any "Buy Now" buttons on Twitter's website.

The company is looking to use the button as a new source of revenue, having previously relied on sponsored tweets, which serve as advertising, CNET reported. A number of tweets were shown of products from Fancy, a social media site that provides links to retailers. CNET discovered while looking for tweets that the button was replaced by a "Get Fancy app" button.

While Twitter did not respond immediately for a request for comment, Re/code noted that Fancy would need the company's approval in order to include 'Buy Now' buttons in a tweet, PC Magazine reported.

"So it's likely that in-tweet shopping is here, or coming soon," Re/code stated.

Twitter also announced Monday its purchase of mobile advertising firm TapCommerce for an undisclosed amount, saying the deal will give mobile app marketers "more robust capabilities for app re-engagement, tools and managed service solutions for real-time programmatic buying, and better measurement capabilities." The company added that mobile users will receive better and more relevant ads."

A similar feature was released by Amazon last year and allows American Express card members to buy products through hashtags on Twitter, PC Magazine reported. Twitter is also working with Amazon for a feature that lets users add items to their shopping cart by tweeting hashtag #AmazonCart in response to tweets with an Amazon commerce link.