Ok "Walking Dead" fans, there's a lot of buzz about a new actor reportedly being added to the Season 5 cast of the AMC zombie show. According to a tweet by Walking_News, "Breaking Bad" star Aaron Paul might be fighting off zombies soon.

"Aaron Paul 'Jesse from breaking bad' could be joining the cast of #TheWalkingDead... This is not yet confirmed," the tweet read.

We have to admit this rumor got us really excited! Paul was excellent as Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad" and ever since the show ended, we have been (im)patiently waiting to see Paul in another TV show or movie. In our opinion, adding the 34-year-old actor to the cast of "The Walking Dead" would be epic. We could totally see Paul as Daryl Dixon's sidekick/adopted little brother but unfortunately we have to be the bearer of bad news: it doesn't look like Aaron Paul is joining the show.

Following that tweet, the rumor was picked up by several other sites including Celebuzz. It seems like the report originated from a photo Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl on "TWD") posted on Instagram of Paul walking into a trailer. Reedus captioned the photo, "999."

The official Facebook page for "The Walking Dead" added fuel to fire and posted the picture with the caption, "Are we dreaming right now?" Of course fans would start to think that Reedus was hinting at Paul joining the show, but that's not the case.

Both actors are currently filming a movie called "Triple Nine" in Atlanta, where Season 5 of "The Walking Dead" is also filming. According to MTV, Reedus and Paul have been posting tons of "bromance" photos to their social media accounts from the set of "Triple Nine."

You can check out some of the photos here