Designer Blayne Ross has introduced a new project that will bring a floating beach to the Hudson River on New York City's shoreline.

The project, called City Beach NYC, would be a huge river barge made to provide people with the same sun and surf lifestyle of a regular beach, according to Discovery News.

The beach would include sand, beach chairs, umbrellas and cabana rentals.

The project would also include retail outlets and restaurants on the upper level, along with a marine science exhibit on the bottom level, Designboom reported.

"Having a white-sand beach located on the banks of the Hudson River gives access to a favorite summer location without requiring travel to outer boroughs," Ross said. "It's an exciting time for our waterways in New York. With projects like this, we have the opportunity to create a space that enhances the summer experience in Manhattan and support the city and state waterfront revitalization initiative, improving the quality of life for our residents."

Sunbathing spots are also included on the upper deck, while changing rooms will be located on the bottom level, Gizmag reported. The marine exhibit will provide details on the history, water quality and local marine life of the Hudson River.

Ross said he is looking to use recycled materials wherever possible for City Beach NYC. He added that his team is looking for companies to help make the beach able to operate completely off-grid. The team will use light tubes to direct natural light from outside to the lower level.

City Beach NYC is in an early stage of development, and details on its sustainable features and other materials are still being worked on. However, Ross said a waterfall will be featured on the barge to help oxygenate the local water, Gizmag reported.

A $200,000 crowdfunding campaign will be run for the project on Crowdtilt. The team is looking to offer visitors free entry and earn revenue from umbrellas, beach chairs and cabana rentals, along with other amenities. People interested in City Beach NYC can sign up to a mailing list.