Angelina Jolie is making the press rounds of "Maleficent" and just two days before its theaters release, the actress is still gushing over her favorite Disney villain.

IGN visited Jolie, as well as the creative team behind her hauntingly beautiful look, on the set of "Maleficent." Jolie dished why she was excited to play the character and how she was able to embrace the darkness within.

"I love her! I do! It's a really, really great script and a great character," Jolie told IGN. "She's very fun and it's a great part with a lot of depth so it's very fulfilling. But it's also nice doing something you're very uncomfortable doing as you can't just do it halfway - you have to take that big step and just go to town. I was very shy and it took me a few weeks rehearsing with all the make-up and the voice and the costume to finally just embrace that side of me."

Jolie also dished on the design process so Maleficent's wicked look, which with the help of costume designer Justin Smith was made a reality on set.

"We kind of decided that she's dressed from things she could find the forest like animal skins, snake skins, skulls and bones," Jolie told IGN, adding in the issues she came across with them on set. "Well, animals don't like the horns I found out! And I forget that I'm wearing them sometimes and I'm forever bumping into things. I actually prefer myself as her, I think I look better; when my stuff's off I feel very flat. She's so much larger than life I feel quite dull in comparison!"

You can read Jolie's full interview with IGN here or watch the teaser trailer below to find out more about the film. "Maleficent" is slated to hit theaters on May 30.