A recent university poll results showed that New Yorkers' support for medical marijuana slightly decreased.

In the most recent survey conducted by the Quinnipiac University, New York State voters supported the legislation for medical marijuana by 83 percent, a slight decrease from the February figures which were at 88 percent. The support for recreational marijuana, on the other hand, was also down at 51 percent as compared to 57 percent from the previous record.

The survey also found out that the support for marijuana remains solid for all the listed groups. For comparison, 74 percent of Republicans supported marijuana while 87 percent of Democrats thought the same.

"Medical marijuana in New York, and in every other state surveyed by Quinnipiac, is a no-brainer," assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, Maurice Carroll, said in a university news release.

"The age gap on the question of recreational marijuana is not surprising: Young voters want it by large margins, while older voters say no. So it's just a matter of time, unless young voters grow more conservative with age," she added.

As for the use of recreational marijuana, researchers identified a gender gap with 57 percent of men supporting it as compared to 50 percent of women who opposed it. Similarly, the favor for recreational marijuana was higher for those with ages 18 to 34 compared to those 55 years old and above.

The poll also revealed that 62 percent of New York State voters favored medical marijuana institution in their respective cities. Incidentally, 71 percent of Democrats expressed agreed on having medical marijuana dispensaries while 56 percent of Republicans were against the idea.

The gender gap was not so wide in this issue, with 67 percent of men supporting the idea of medical marijuana dispensaries and 58 percent of women who thought the same.

Read the full details of the survey here.