A Catholic high school in California allegedly banned a photo of one of their female students because she was wearing a tuxedo, according to The Huffington Post.

Administrators at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory School in San Francisco claimed Jessica Urbina, 18, violated the dress policy which requires girls to wear dresses in their senior picture. 

"As we prepare to pass out yearbooks it is always regretful when a student portrait is omitted for any reason," a post the school's website read, according to CBS. "As a community we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that all students are included in the future. We want to reassure our community that all graduating seniors are represented in the commencement program." 

Gary Cannon, principal at the school, told NBC News that Urbina does appear in the yearbook though would not provide further details on how she is actually included in it.  

Though Urbina has not publicly commented on the issue herself, many of her supporters -- including a girl claiming to be her girlfriend -- are vocally criticizing the school's decision.

"I support my girlfriend," Katie Emanuel told reporters. "I support my school and want it to be the best it can for people like us."

On May 16, students at Sacred Heart attended class wearing bow ties while her brother, 21-year-old Michael Urbina, created a social media campaign -- using the hash tag #JessicasTux -- to garner support before meeting with school officials. 

On Saturday, the girl's brother uploaded a series of tweets announcing positive steps with the school. 

"On Friday, SHC admin. confirmed to our family that they will look into school policy reform for yearbook portrait attire #JessicasTux," Michael Urbina said. 

"At this time, our family is maintaining an ongoing conversation with the SHC administration to determine next steps. #JessicasTux," he tweeted, thanking everyone for their "astounding love and support."