"Batman vs. Superman" director Zack Snyder has released the first image of Ben Affleck in his Batsuit, but the attention has now turned to Gal Gadot and her new Wonder Woman armor.

Many fans are asking when the first image of Gadot's costume will be revealed, along with the official group shot of Batman, Superman and Wonder woman. Speculation about Gadot's costume release began when she posted a photo on her Facebook on Monday with the caption, "Busy busy week... Let's have a WONDERful week everyone!"

Before Snyder released the image of Affleck as Batman, the director posted an image of the Batmobile. Reports are now speculating Gadot's cryptic post might have to do with her own character's costume reveal.

Another clue may be found with the "Batman vs. Superman" official photographer Clay Enos' tweets. Before the big Batsuit reveal, Enos teased to fans to "stay tuned" as his photographs of the cast members and their costumes have yet to be released.

Many "Batman vs. Superman" fans reached out to Enos after Snyder posted the Affleck photo on Twitter. Enos had previously stated the first "reveal" images would likely be his, but it was Snyder's photo was making the rounds on the Internet. The production's official costume designer Michael Wilkinson added to the speculation when he posted a tweet claiming it wouldn't be long before fans would costume images.

Still, the production has remained tight lipped about Cavill, Gadot and Affleck's formal costume reveal. However, it hasn't stopped Snyder from teasing fans about the costumes.

"The thing also that's really fascinating for me is that, even just in the tests we've been doing, the costumes, right? You basically have Batman and Superman - and this is without Ben [Affleck] and Henry [Cavill] in the costumes, but just like the stand-ins, just testing to see what the costumes look like," Snyder told Forbes in April. "And you have them standing there and they're standing in the same shot - and then we have Wonder Woman, you know, all three of them in the same shot. Even just for a test, you really have to go, 'Wow, that's crazy!'" "Batman vs. Superman" will be released to theaters on May 6, 2016.

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