Ben Affleck may have been kicked out the Hard Rock Casino for counting cards, but another Las Vegas heavyweight is inviting the "Batman vs. Superman" actor to his blackjack tables.

Derek Stevens, owner of The D Casino Hotel and Golden Gate Hotel in Vegas, told TMZ the actor wouldn't ever be kicked out for being too good at blackjack and won't be labeled as an "advantage player."

"The D Las Vegas is not afraid of Ben Affleck winning a few hands in a row," Stevens told TMZ.  "Ben can come play blackjack and not worry about security walking him out!"

According to Radar Online, the actor escorted away from the blackjack tables at the Hard Rock Casino "due to moving his money with the count."

"Afleck 'uses perfect basic,' a common term for introductory card counting, according to the alert, 'but also takes insurance according to the count. Uses black $100 cheques to keep track of the count while playing," according to Radar.

Card counting is not illegal, but is cause for removal off the gambling floor.  The casino allegedly issued a warning to the actor for being "too obvious" about counting cards.

"An April 22 internal email from the Games Protection Manager at the Wynn and Encore casinos, Rob Olivetti warned recipients that 'Ben Affleck (the actor) ... Was informed that he was being way too obvious moving his money with the count. He was spreading $100 -10K on the double decks and $0-20K (2@10K) on the shoe games. As of now, he is still being allowed to play per casino management,'" according to Radar.

However, disputed reports claiming Affleck was kicked out of the entire casino.  The gossip site claims insider sources revealed Affleck was only escorted away from the blackjack tables.  Affleck did not release a statement regarding the incident, but did post the following tweet after the news hit.