V. Stiviano was the woman in the racist audiotapes attributed to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  Following are five things about her.

1. Stiviano was Sterling's purported girlfriend.

Stiviano was associated with Sterling for four years, according to court documents obtained by TMZ.  Although she claimed she worked as Sterling's archivist for years, TMZ reported the documents indicate "she was a prop to show off the Clippers owner's 'sexual prowess.'"  

The documents, filed in connection to the lawsuit against her from Sterling's wife (SEE BELOW), didn't use the term "girlfriend" or "boyfriend," and they didn't say whether their relationship was sexual in nature.

Sterling's wife, Shelly, has called Stiviano a mistress and a gold digger, according to CNN.  Shelly alleges in her lawsuit against Stiviano that Stiviano and Donald met at the 2010 Super Bowl game and began a sexual relationship that continued until at least March 2014.

Stiviano regularly sat courtside next to Donald and watched Clippers games.

2. Shelly is suing Stiviano.

Shelly (legally Rochelle H. Sterling) filed a lawsuit against Stiviano on March 7; the complaint seeks to recover the money and the gifts Donald allegedly gave Stiviano.  Shelly, as Donald's wife, contends the money and gifts were part of their shared "community property" and given to Stiviano without spousal consent.

Per CNN:

"In the complaint, Rochelle Sterling accuses Stiviano of targeting extremely wealthy older men.  The suit claims that Donald Sterling used the couple's money to buy Stiviano a Ferrari, two Bentleys and a Range Rover.

"Stiviano also took over a $1.8 million duplex through fraud and received about $250,000 in cash from (Donald), the court document claims."

The lawsuit also demands a jury trial.

3. Stiviano denies releasing the audiotape.

Through her attorney, Mac E. Nehoray, Stiviano confirmed she was the woman in the audiotape attributed to Donald, but she denied being the one who released it to the public.

4. She supposedly has more dirt on Donald.

Stiviano has "more than 100 hours" of additional recordings of Donald, according to TMZ.  The website's sources also said some of the recordings are "extremely damaging" to Donald's reputation.

A settlement over the tapes could be reached.  When Donald asked how to make this go away, Stiviano told him to call her lawyer, according to TMZ.

5. MISC.

Stiviano is of "mixed" race.  She said in the audiotape she is "black and Mexican."

The "V" in her name purportedly stands for Vivian.  Shelly's lawsuit against her, though, lists the defendant as V Stiviano, aka Vanessa Maria Perez, aka Monica Gallegos, aka Maria Monica Perez Gallegos, aka Maria Valdez.

Her Instagram account reads: "One day I will look back at Instagram & say, 'I've been there & I've done that.'  I do it all.  Artist, Lover, Writer, Chef, Poet, Stylist, Philanthropist."

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