A Massena teenager seriously injured himself after severing his arm while cleaning a pasta-maker at a local eatery where he is employed.

Brett M. Bouchard, 17, was cleaning the pasta-maker at Violi's Restaurant around 8:30 p.m on April 24. The pasta-maker suddenly switched on while Bouchard cleaned, causing him to accidentally sever his right arm near the elbow, according to restaurant manager, Mia Violi.

He was first taken to Massena Memorial Hospital, but was transferred to the Massachusetts General Hospital to undergo surgery shortly thereafter. As of April 26, 3 p.m., the teen is still in critical condition.

Bouchard was transferred to the Massachusetts General Hospital, after a nursing supervisor at Massena Memorial Hospital called Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vt., to request they work on the teenager. But the hospital reportedly declined and called Massachusetts General instead - located about 350 miles away - to arrange for Bouchard's transfer.

"We're all still in shock. One of our employees severed his arm last night," restaurant owner Ross Violi told Watertown Daily News.

The restaurant staff is still trying to determine how the pasta-maker machine switched on while the teenager cleaned. It is not yet confirmed whether the U.S Occupational Safety and Health Administration will participate in the investigation, but agency spokesman Andre J. Browser told Watertown Daily News that they are still waiting for instructions for participation in the probe.

"There's a lot of prayers going out to him," Ms. Violi told Watertown Daily News.

Based on the public data on his Facebook profile, Bouchard is not new to his job. It appears he's been with the restaurant since January 1, 2013. Details and updates about his surgery are still unavailable.