A police officer in Pennsylvania dressed as a Amish woman in hopes of catching a flasher that was exposing himself to children, the New York Daily News reported.

Pulaski Township Police Sgt. Chad Adams wore a full dress and cloak as he walked around the small neighborhood outside of Pittsburgh in January. After telling local Amish families about the idea, they were willing to help and let him borrow clothes.

"They agreed and set me up with something that fit. They had us hooked up with bonnets, aprons, dresses and shawls," Adams told New Castle News. "We figured if he was driving down the road and saw what he thought were Amish women walking he wouldn't notice I was a guy until he got out of the vehicle. I didn't care what anyone else thought."

Though he wasn't able to charge a suspect due to a lack of evidence, he believes the same man is currently on house arrest in nearby Mercer County for similar incidents.

The name of the suspect has not been released.

Now that the investigation is over, Adams released a picture of his undercover costume on Facebook, which has received over 1,000 likes and more than 200 shares.

"I wanted to share with you that we will use all means available to try and protect our children. That includes dressing up as an Amish woman to attempt to apprehend a pervert!" the department wrote on the social media site.

Hundreds of people thanked Adams and the police department for their dedication to the investigation in the photo's comment section.

"By any means necessary!!! I applause your effort to protect our children!!! Thank you so much!!" one user wrote.

Some other comments were made with a little more sarcasm.

"Good job he makes a beautiful woman lol," another user wrote.