Aereo has confirmed that its live-TV streaming service will support Google Chromecast starting May 29, letting users see streamed content from mobile devices on their TVs.

Aereo, the cloud-based live TV streaming service, announced Thursday that it will roll out an update to its Android app to include support for Google Chromecast, starting May 29. The expansion will allow Aereo members with Google's $35 dongle to stream content directly from their smartphone, tablet or computer to the Chromecast-equipped TV. Following an update, the Aereo Android app will feature a cast icon, similar to the one found on Netflix and YouTube.

Aereo, which was first launched in 2012, uses its mini antennas to transmit over-the-air TV station content. These mini-antennas are assigned to subscribers and each antenna receives the TV signal, letting customers view, record and pause any live program. Aereo's streaming technology extends its reach to more than a few platforms, such as iOS and Android as well as devices ranging from smartphones and tablets to laptops and PCs.

The Android app of the service is currently in its beta phase and supports any device running Android 4.1 and above. Additionally, the service allows its members to stream content from browsers like Chrome on Windows and Mac, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox and Opera. Owners of Apple TV can also take advantage of the service via Airplay and Aereo also supports the ROKU platform.

"The way people watch and experience television is changing and Google is a pioneer in providing consumers with more choice and flexibility in how they access and experience that media," Aereo CEO and founder Chet Kanojia, said in a press release, Thursday.. "We're excited that Aereo will be Google Cast Ready this May.  Consumers deserve more options and alternatives in how they watch television and our team is committed to providing consumers with the best experience possible using Aereo's innovative cloud technology."

The network has drawn the attention of many broadcast networks including CBS, Fox, ABC and NBC, who filed a petition in the Supreme Court to ban Aereo for violating copyrights, USA Today reports. The court agreed to look into Aereo's practices in January.

Aereo's extensive offerings come at a reasonable cost with monthly plans starting as low as $8 for accessing the network's cloud-based antenna/DVR technology and 20 hours of storage. The company offers 60 hours storage for $12 per month and new customers get first month free access.

The service, however, is limited to 11 metros including New York, Houston, Dallas, Austin and Boston.

Users can download the updated Aereo app for Android devices from the Google Play Store next month.