One actress might caused a little bit of drama on the "Batman vs. Superman" production for dishing out batsuit details without running in through her superhero husband.

During an interview with Collider, Jennifer Garner revealed Ben Affleck had a talk with her about quotes she gave earlier in 2014.  Garner believed what she was stating during interviews was common knowledge, but she quickly learned how wrong her assumptions were.

"I have gotten in some trouble for my little quotes and I'm learning to [keep my mouth shut]," she explained to Collider. "I thought that I was saying things that were foregone conclusions and it turns out nothing is, and you won't be hearing from me on the Batman front [again]."

The original quote that may have warranted a possible reprimanding from her Affleck may have occurred on the 2014 Oscars' red carpet.  Entertainment Tonight asked Garner if she had seen her husband's new batsuit.  Garner responded: "I've seen the suit. The suit is unbelievably cool. It's a total reinvention. It looks great."

Garner also revealed in an interview with Glamour magazine what he husband's cape looks like back in March.

"I have seen photos of Ben as Batman. I haven't seen the real thing yet, but I have a feeling the cape will take up too much room in our closet and shove all my things out of the way," she told the magazine.

Still, the "Man of Steel 2" production has enough leaks to worry about besides Garner's slip ups.  The Latino Review claims they've creaked the code as to what recently cast Holly Hunter's role could be Affleck's onscreen ally.

"We think Holly Hunter is going to be playing Leslie Thompkins, or a Leslie Thompkins replacement character," the Latino Review reports.  "...Leslie is a doctor who went to medical school with Bruce's dad before he was murdered and in some versions of the Batman mythos, comforted young Bruce the very night of. Think of her like a female Alfred, almost."

If the Hunter rumors are true, the Oscar-winning actress could play a huge part in the film.  "Batman vs. Superman" will be released to theaters on May 6, 2016.