Peaches Geldof's cause of death is still a mystery after an Apr. 9 autopsy was not able to conclusively reveal what killed the English model and TV presenter. Geldof was found dead in her home on Monday, Apr. 7. She was 25-years-old.

According to TMZ, a toxicology report should be able to reveal the cause of death but the results can take several weeks. Authorities are treating the case as a "non-suspicious, unexplained sudden death" and do not believe foul play was a factor.

There were reports that Geldof's extreme dieting could have contributed to her death but this has not been confirmed. Back in 2011, she told OK! magazine that she started a juicing diet to help her lose baby weight.

"I do juicing. You juice vegetables and then you drink it three times a day," Geldof told the magazine at the time. "It's gross. I do it usually for about a month."

At the time, a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association told the Daily Mail that doing an extreme diet like juicing for an extended period of time could be dangerous. However, it's not clear if Geldof was still on the diet at the time of her death.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, a family friend said that a lot of people were worried about the model's shrinking frame and claims that Geldof could have been suffering from an eating disorder.

"I was worried about [Peaches'] weight loss," Gerry Agur told the Daily Mail. "You could see that she was struggling with self-esteem issues - just as [her mother] Paula did at the end of her life."

"Paula was very, very baldy anorexic, and it was really only when she was first with [her ex-husband] Michael [Hutchence] that she loved herself enough to stop," Agur continued. "Peaches lost a lot of weight and then talked in interviews about going on juice-only diets. I remember very well Paula's efforts to lose weight after [her daughter] Tiger was born were extreme. She was determined to drop the 'baby weight' - and she lived on nothing, literally just a brussels sprout a day."