Recent government data shows there were no troop casualties for U.S. military forces in Afghanistan during the month of March 2014, CBS News reported.

Since the beginning of the War on Terror in 2001, there have only been two other months -- January 2007 and July 2012 -- where American forces went without any deaths.

Two coalition soldiers died in Afghanistan during March 2014, but both were considered non-combat casualties, NBC News said.

Separately, CNN reported a NATO troop died in Afghanistan on Tuesday in a non-combat injury. The nationality of the soldier is unknown.

President Barack Obama has already asked the Pentagon to decrease the presence of the military in Afghanistan if a new security agreement with the country is not approved, CBS said. There are around 33,000 troops in the country now -- a serious decline from a 2011 peak of 100,000.

Additionally, Pentagon statistics show there were 132 deaths in Afghanistan in 2013, compared to the 313 in 2012 and 415 in 2011.

In January and February of this year, seven combat deaths of American troops occurred each month.

In total, 2,176 military members have died in Afghanistan since October 7, 2001, and three officials from the Defense Department have died as well.