A New Zealand creature deemed as a "sea monster" is in fact a killer whale, according to SunLive of New Zealand.

The strange carcass washed up on New Zealand's shore last week. The 30-foot mass appeared prehistoric, showing large teeth and hollow eyes. Beach-goers to New Zealand's Bay of Plenty took video of the strange animal and posted it to YouTube, asking if anyone could identify the object.

The video received millions of hits. Viewers posted suggestions on what the creature could be included a crocodile, dolphin or a dinosaur.

But the alleged sea monster is most likely the remains of a killer whale, marine mammal expert Anton van Helden told New Zealand's Channel 3. He told the station it's difficult to determine how the sea animal may have died as he is only going by pictures in analyzing the carcass.

Killer whales live in many different bodies of water including in polar regions and warmer waters around the equator. Animal rights groups have continued with their efforts in saving the species from fisherman who have allegedly attempted to kill the whales because of the vast amounts of fish they eat in the ocean and from illegal fisherman killing the breed for consumption. Noise from shipping and drilling surrounding killer whale habitats is also a concern.

The coastline where the creature washed up is approximately 120 miles from Auckland, New Zealand.