A California man was arrested in Salt Lake City after he allegedly assaulted a teenage girl on a Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles this week. 

67-year-old Hans Loudermilk of Escondido, Calif., has been charged with two federal counts of sexual abuse of a minor on an airplane, according to a report  by ABC 10 News.

The 15-year-old victim wrote in her complaint that Loudermilk got on Flight 2341 from Los Angeles International Airport to Salt Lake City on Tuesday. When he arrived at his presumed seat, he asked the teenage girl to move to the middle. The two talked during the flight, but as the trip continued, conversation suddenly became much more sexual.

According to the complaint obtained by 10 News, Loudermilk told the girl that she should ride in his car with him, then added that he could marry her right now under Utah state law. 

Loudermilk then allegedly touched the girl. The complaint said that he told her "he could teach her things sexually that boys her age could not."

He reportedly touched her inner thigh, and the teen "got extremely nervous and wanted this to end." 

Upon landing, the girl found a TSA officer in the airport and recounted the story of her assault. Loudermilk was said to have seen the teenager speaking with an agent and quickly ducked into a gift shop to change his shirt and put on a black jacket "as to possibly avoid detection by law enforcement."

Lydia Vogt, Loudermilk's sister, told reporters the allegations were "ridiculous," and that the account was "completely out of character," for Loudermilk.

"Whatever happened, it seems it's been blown out of proportion," Vogt stated this week.