Mars One confirmed it has received approximately 80,000 applications from people who want to be a part of a one-way mission to Mars.

Has Mars fascinated you? Are you constantly wondering what a visit to the Red Planet would be like? You may just have an opportunity to find out. Mars One, a Netherland-based company has asked people to submit applications to be part of a one-way mission to Mars. The company confirmed that as of Wednesday, it had received approximately 80,000 applications.

People wanting to apply have to pay $38 for a form. They also have to submit a video where they answer three questions - why they want to go to Mars, what makes them the perfect candidate for this mission and how good their sense of humor is.

There are no eligibility criteria like having a degree in Science or astronomy, but the applicant needs to be above 18. Also, the applicant needs to be aware that this is a one-way ticket to the Red Planet so there won't be a chance of returning to Earth.

Mars One hopes to receive at least 500,000 applications by the end of August. This number will be brought down to 50-100 from every one of the 300 regions the company has identified. By 2015, this number will be brought down further to only 28-40. These people will be divided into groups and trained for seven years after which a vote will be conducted to decide which group finally makes it to the Red Planet.

For astronomy freaks, this comes as a golden opportunity even though the trip doesn't promise a very comfortable stay, with not being able to breathe the air there, no running water, fluctuating surface temperatures and no atmosphere to protect you from harmful radiations.

Though the application process has begun, Mars One still has a long way to go in terms of raising funds for the mission as well as engineering crafts needed for the mission.

Co-founder Bas Landsorp told the Los Angeles Times last June that it would cost around $6 billion to take people to space as well as make the planet habitable for them. He hopes to raise part of the money through the application process and another part through a world-wide reality show, details of which are still scanty.