Spritz Inc. has developed a new speed reading program that would help users read up to 1,000 words per minute with zero eye movement.

An individual's average reading rate is about 200 words per minute, but one can go more than that through techniques like, skimming, reading out loud, or taking mental snapshots. However, it will take them time and great effort.

The program, which has been in development for three years, is aimed to manipulate the text word format to limit the reader's eye movement, hasten reading, and shorten the time of information processing in the brain. One can read five times faster the usual. It flashes one word at a time, giving emphasis on the words' "Optimal Recognition Point (ORP)" by using a red font color and by aligning those words in a central point, ABC News reported.

"Spritzing can be learned in less than five minutes and, if you don't spritz for a month, no practice is needed to return quickly to your previous speed or skill-level," said the Boston-based company on its website.

Read Quick is an iOS program that is pretty similar with Spritz. It uses a typical RSVP technology on smartphones and is compatible with high-quality and long-format articles and sites on the Web.

Quickreader is another iOS application. Unlike the first two programs, this does not flash one word at a time. The program displays the whole passage on the screen, highlighting the words that will help the reader get his reading speed. This program, which costs $4.99, is also pre-loaded with e-books. A free version, with limited books, is also available.

Another program, called Spreeder, is also being launched. This free online software will guide users to absorb two to four words at a time. Users will just have to load a passage into the software, and then the software will flash it out for you at a preset speed.