QuizUp, the popular trivia game created by Iceland-based Plain Vanilla Games, finally arrives on Google Play Store after enjoying tremendous success on the iOS platform.

There are numerous games for Android users in the Google Play Store, but most fail to find the popularity of Candy Crush Saga, Flappy Bird, or Angry Birds. There is now a new addition to fill the void of Flappy Bird. The trivia puzzle app, QuizUp has hit the Google Play Store, Wednesday, adding to the growing list of games in the Brain & Puzzle category. Touted as the world's largest trivia game, QuizUp was available for iOS users since November last year.

QuizUp app was developed by Plain Vanilla Games, an Iceland-based company, and quickly climbed to the top of the charts on iOS free games list. The app has been downloaded by 10 million iOS users who have played more than 1 billion matches on their iPhones and iPads. The app was also among the most popular apps and developers of 2013, said a report announced by Apple in January this year. The game was weighed in the same scale as Candy Crush Saga, Puzzles & Dragons, Minecraft and Clumsy Ninja.

QuizUp players can choose from more than 400 categories, ranging from questions about sports to literature to music. Some of the most popular topics include TV Shows, with all top shows of past and present; Books, with best sellers and authors; Movies, with different genres like horror, comedies, actors, directors, and more; Sports includes football, baseball, soccer and more; Music, has rock, pop, classic, and more.

The game also offers general knowledge topics, such as Art, business, science, geography and lot more. Players can also chat about favorite topics in community forums and meet different people with similar interests. For beginners, the app chooses a competitor with same level of knowledge so the competition is equal with a fair chance of a win.

The QuizUp app is available for download from Google Play Store for free.