******SPOILER ALER*********

Normally we would never recommend you leave a page on HNGN to go elsewhere, but if you haven't watched this Sunday's Game of Thrones you probably don't want to go any further. There be spoilers up ahead, you have been warned.

This week's episode opens up with poor Sam struggling to make a fire with Gilly and the newborn; the three escaped from the carnage of the Black Watch revolt last week and are headed back to The Wall. Once Gilly instructs Sam how to make a fire he actually succeeds at something as he sings the baby to sleep. It's nice to see Sam do something right for a change.

As Bran Stark and his group are camping we see Jojen Reed, the boy who joined them recently and has visions, having what appears to be a seizure in his sleep. As his sister, Meera shoves a leather belt in his mouth and holds him she explains that the visions take a toll. When he awakes he explains that he has seen Jon Snow on the wrong side of the wall and surrounded by enemies.

Which of course leads to a cut to Jon Snow on the wrong side of the wall surrounded by enemies, or at least his former enemies the wildlings, we're not sure where his allegiance stands these days. Ygritte gives Jon a speech about how she knows he is brave and loyal and that he never stopped being a crow. She goes on to say now that they have consummated their relationship that she knows he will be loyal to his woman.

In the camp of the Brotherhood without Banners a visitor shows up unannounced, Melisandre. There is a bit of discussion about the Red God as Melisandre marvels over how many times Beric has been brought back from "the other side." Beric sets her straight and explains that there is no other side; he's been to "the darkness."

Melisandre's reason for seeking out the Brotherhood was to capture Gendry. Previously she had mentioned that Baratheon blood would be needed for further magic so it becomes evident that she knew Gendry was Robert's bastard and that she has nefarious intentions for him. Gendry protests greatly because he just decided to join the Brotherhood and couldn't imagine being sold as a prisoner by the Brotherhood; Arya becomes disillusioned by watching the Brotherhood sell her friend for a few bags of gold.

Jon Snow, Ygritte and all the rest of the wildlings start to climb the wall. Jon Snow takes a chunk of ice to the face but keeps on going.  

Robb Stark negotiates with the Frey children a way to have their army join his in order to replace the Karstarks. As usual with the Freys the price is quite steep, Edmure Tully will have to marry one of the undesirable Frey daughters within two weeks. Edmure hates the idea, thinks about refusing and is convinced it's the only way they can win the war.

Tywin Lannister continues to try and play matchmaker in this episode meeting with Olenna Redwyne in what was the most entertaining scene of the episode. The two go back and forth over Loras Tyrell being married to Cersei. Tywin insults Loras over the known fact that he prefers the company of men. Olenna retorts by mentioning that in Highgarden they are far less uptight about sex, except when it comes to sex between a brother and sister, obviously referring to Cersei and Jaime. This infuriates Tywin and he forces Olenna to consent to the marriage, which she does.

We see the wildlings climbing the wall. They are quite high when suddenly the ice starts cracking. An enormous chunk of the wall falls off carrying many of the wildlings down with it and forcing Ygritte and Jon Snow to fall with only Orell holding them up. Orell starts to cut the rope to send them plummeting to their deaths to save himself. At the very last moment Jon Snow is able to swing himself over to plant his axe in the wall, as Ygritte falls he is able to catch her and they continue up the wall.  

Loras Tyrell and Sansa Stark sit in a garden discussing their upcoming wedding, the wedding that we as the audience already know is no longer going to happen. Loras is obviously not interested in the match but trying to play along, Sansa is as naïve as ever. Watching them are Tyrion and Cersei. Cersei basically comes clean about how it was Joffrey who tried to have Tyrion killed during the Battle of the Blackwater but that Tyrion should be safe now because Joffrey would never do anything with Tywin around. Tyrion jokes about how the entire Lannister family is run by fear of Tywin.

Tyrion goes to break the bad news to Sansa about her no longer marrying Loras and the worse news that she will have to marry Tyrion himself. Of course when he gets there Tyrion's lover, Shae, is at Sansa's side as her hand maiden. Tyrion tries to convince Shae to leave because she doesn't want to hear the news in this way, Shae refuses. The scene cuts out before Tyrion says anything.

Varys and Baelish in the throne room having a discussion, as they so often do. Baelish reveals that he found out that Ros was serving as a spy for Varys. He then goes on a long speech about how chaos is like a ladder; there is nothing but the climb up. As he explains his metaphor we see that Joffrey has killed Ros with his crossbow. It also cuts to show Shae and Sansa watching Baelish's ship sail away as Sansa cries, she decided to not leave with him in order to marry Loras. Now she is stuck in King's Landing.

Right as Baelish finishes his metaphor we see Ygritte literally climbing the last foot of The Wall and pulling herself to the top. She and Jon Snow look out over the side of the wall that she has never seen before and the episode ends as they kiss.

Overall this was a pretty jam packed episode. While it had a minimum of carnage, although Ros will be missed, it had a great deal of foreshadowing. One of the great strengths of "Game of Thrones" is the vast cast of characters inhabiting Westeros. Unfortunately within the confines of an hour long TV show this can also be a bit of a hindrance. This week we saw nothing of Daenerys and her brand new army of Unsullied, it's tough to keep up when an entire storyline disappears for a week or two. With how little screen time Bran's excursion to The Wall has gotten in recent episodes it is easy to almost completely forget that the two Stark boys actually weren't burned to death by Theon last season. This episode in particular gets a little unruly because so many alliances are forged in words but have yet to be seen in action, hopefully viewers can remember all of the information.

As I said earlier, by far the best scene of the episode was the battle between Tywin and Olenna Redwyne. The Tyrell grandmother played by Diana Rigg tends to steal every scene that she has been in this season with her wit; finally she met her match in Tywin. As she concedes and allows for the match between Loras and Cersei she had to get the last line in and delivered a killer of one. "It's a rare enough thing when a man lives up to his reputation," Olenna says while snapping his pen in half. We should look forward to more scenes between the two of them.

Hopefully next week we find out what the wildlings intend to do once they are on The Wall, what the Queen of Dragons has been up to and possibly Jamie Lannister will finally return home.