U.S Cellular subscribers can now grab an iPhone as it welcomes iPhone this year. Last 2011, this major wireless carrier was the only carrier that said no to iPhone.

CEO Mary Dillon didn’t detail the release date and the model that the wireless carrier will be selling. The U.S. Cellular Corporation had finally decided to invest with Apple’s iPhone, an idea that they didn’t consider 18 months ago. They initially rejected it because it was too expensive compared to other smartphones. Back then, an iPhone 3GS with no contract costs $599 but is only $199 with a contract. The rest of the tab will be shouldered by the carriers.

Without the iPhone, the company loss increased by 5 percent as more customers decided to move to another carrier that offers iPhone. This made them decide to purchase around 2 million iPhones worth $1.2 billion for the next three years. Dillon announced this during the shareholders meeting and encouraged previous customers to switch back to them.

Investors also seemed to be apprehensive about the price of this smartphone since U.S Cellular has not recovered yet on its 2.8 percent crash on its stocks value as it closed at $37.39 in the afternoon trading. The stock listing of U.S Cellular is being managed by the phone company Telephone & Data Systems Inc.

iPhone was first solely distributed by AT&T for three and a half years until Apple decided to deal out with other companies to further increase their sales. T-Mobile is also new to iPhone that made major network upgrade in order to support high speed mobile services. U.S. Cellular also has a new high-speed data network running on 4G LTE which is another factor for them getting iPhone.

U.S. Cellular's current device lineup mainly consists of Android, Windows Phone, and older BlackBerry devices.