After receiving multiple complaints about spamming, Facebook decided to block Path to its social graph.

Path is a messaging app released last November 2010 available on iPhone and Android devices. Users have a limit of 150 friends per account to ensure high quality of connections where they can share photos, videos and personal messages. It is pulling one million subscribers per month and targets to reach 20 million by end of 2013. To date, it has reached over 10 million subscribers.

Path seemed to be a perfect tool with a 4.5 out of 5.0 star rating in Google Play Store until users started complaining about spam messages sent by the app. Just last week, the app was reported sending text messages to Facebook friends of Path users at six in the morning. A lot were disrupted from their sleep with the message alerts.

It's a feature, not a bug

The so-called spam messages started happening when Path updated their messaging service three months ago. Nate Johnson, VP of marketing for Path, said that the incident was more of a user error of the new feature and not a bug. The last update automatically selected all the Facebook friends of the users and sends them an invite to sign up. Then once another user sign up, the app will use his contacts then send them invites as well. It's a long chain which may be the reason why Path is able to add a million users in one week.

For now, some users preferred to uninstall the app to prevent the robocall from dialing different numbers from their contacts. Those who still want to use the app can do it online as it is still accessible through Facebook and Path can still post messages on your friend's wall. However, you will not be able to search your Facebook contacts using the Path app.