There's a "Bachelor" scandal brewing. According to TV blogger (and "Bachelor" spy) Reality Steve, Juan Pablo Galavis was offered money to propose to the Season 18 winner.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It's been said that JP will pick Nikki Ferrell over Clare Crawley at the final rose ceremony but he doesn't propose. Back in November, Reality Steve wrote a post explaining that Galavis was never in it for love and had no intentions of popping the question to Nikki or any of the ladies.

"For Juan Pablo, I'd say it's more about him never wanting to propose to any of these girls in the first place before he even started this journey," the site writes. "This was a complete cash grab for Juan Pablo."

In a recent post, Reality Steve dishes on the upcoming "After the Final Rose" show, which airs on Mar. 10. He said Nikki will leave Saint Lucia as JP's girlfriend but not as his fiancée.

Anyway, Steve says for the fourth season in a row the "ATFR" show will air live and reportedly ABC wants to go out with a bang in hopes of saving the season. Source told the site that Galavis is now being offered a big chunk of change if he proposes to Nikki on the live show.

"Does it mean it will for sure happen? I don't know," the site writes. "I have no idea what's on that guy's brain. Depending on how desperately Juan Pablo needs the money I guess, and how much he's willing [to] sell out for the almighty dollar will determine if he proposes."

The site goes on to say that regardless if JP gives Nikki a ring or not, the entire thing is fake.

"He's never going to marry Nikki. Nothing has changed with this guy since the very beginning," Reality Steve writes. "He doesn't want to be married to her, he never wanted to be married to her, and all he's doing is playing a character on a TV show."  

Do you think Juan Pablo is really being offered money to propose to Nikki? Should he do it? Sound off in the comments below.

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