Renee Oteri was the latest contestant eliminated on "The Bachelor." During the Hometown Dates, Juan Pablo Galavis meets Renee's son but ultimately sends her home. Even though she seemed pretty interested in JP on the show, she has definitely moved on... with a new man.

TV blogger Reality Steve, tweeted the news following her elimination.

"Don't feel bad for Renee. She has a boyfriend now. It's addressed at the WTA," he wrote on Feb. 24.

He's referring to the "Women Tell All special," which airs on Monday, Mar. 3. During the special the women who have been eliminated will get the chance to reveal what they've been up to since leaving. According to Reality Steve, Renee "plays coy" when asked about her new boyfriend. Guess we'll have to wait who this mystery man is.

The "Bachelor" spy also dished on what happens during the WTA and says it's going to be pretty boring because the two most "polarizing women in the house" weren't there. He's talking about Nikki and Clare. Because they are the final two women, they won't be on camera. (Major spoiler alert: If you're eager to see who is handed the final rose, you can check that out here).

So this is what Steve says about the special episode: all the ladies who made it past the first night (except the two ladies mentioned above and Amy Long) show up. Just a quick refresher: Long is a TV reporter and gave JP a "mock interview" the first night.

On an interesting note, two women who were sent home that first night do show up. We're guessing it's to bring a little drama to the show? Kylie will reportedly be there. If you haven't heard the reports, she told TMZ that producers set her up to fail and made her look like a "dumb bimbo."

Lauren H. also returns; she was the lady who broke down in tears as she told JP about how her ex-fiancé abruptly called off their engagement a few months before the show.

The three women on the hot seat are reportedly Renee, Andi and Sharleen. Other spoilers: bloopers from the season will be shown, there's no cat-fighting, Kelly breaks down in tears because she was offended by JP's comments about a gay bachelor (she has a gay father) and the girls call JP out for not spending a lot of time with them like he promised.

What are your thoughts on Juan Pablo's season of "The Bachelor"? 

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