"The Blacklist" is back from it's Olympic break on Monday and we are definitely in for more good TV.

One of the area's we should be ready to revisit is the mysterious world of Tom Keen. We still have no idea who he really is and why Red continues to warn Liz about him. Nevertheless, there is an episode coming up which may finally give us some answers.

"Wait 'til you see the one I just read! Oh my gosh!" said Amir Arison (who plays Aram), according to EOnline. "The episode I just read, a lot of interesting Tom stuff."

Keeping our attention on Tom, his marriage may be heading in the wrong direction. We've see him and Elizabeth have issues before because of her job and the amount of her time it consumes. Well, according to TVGuide.com, Lizzie is going to be busy once again which will prevent her from going on a trip with her husband. The website reports that Jolene, the flirty brunette we met at Liz and Tom's party, will be the one on the trip with Tom. You can imagine how that could be a problem.

TV Guide also reports we will soon see an episode which features characters played by Dianne West and Lance Reddick. According to the website, West's character is dangerous and she has a bone to pick with Agent Cooper.

What storyline are you most looking forward to when "The Blacklist" returns? What do you think Jolene is up to?

"The Blacklist" returns Monday at 10/9c on NBC.

*This article has been updated to note a change

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