Did Beyoncé diss Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams on Instagram? The singer decided to post a throwback photo to her social media account from her days singing with Destiny's Child. She captioned the photo: "Cancun 2001."

In the picture Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland are seen smiling with their arms in the air, rocking similar outfits. According to E! News, the picture was taken during MTV's Spring Break and two other members of the girl group were cropped out - Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin.

This isn't the first time the "Drunk in Love" singer has been accused of throwing shade at her gal pals. Last month, fans pointed out that Beyoncé had cropped Rowland out of a photo with the late Aaliyah.

On Jan. 16, Rowland posted a photo to her Instagram account to honor the singer, who would have celebrated her 35th birthday that day.

In the photo, Rowland is seen posing alongside Aaliyah and Beyoncé. "WeloveyouAaliyah #tbt," she captioned the photo. A few hours the Queen B posted the exact same photo but this time it was in black-and-white and Rowland was no longer in the shot.

Both times fans called out Beyoncé for acting a little shady.

"Lmfaoo you took other people out," one fan commented.

The 32-year-old singer came under fire before when a video of Destiny's Child surfaced on Vine. It showed a young Rowland introducing herself as the second lead vocalist of the group. None of the other girls in the video reacted to Rowland's comment except Beyoncé who threw a fierce side-eye, faked a cough and rolled her eyes.

It seems like Beyoncé, Rowland and Williams get along great but the "XO" singer was once again accused of snubbing her friends during her Super Bowl performance last year. According to the Daily Mail, fans and spectators complained that Rowland and Williams' microphones had been turned down so low that the audience could barely hear them.

"It was difficult to hear the vocals of Rowland and Williams, either because of the microphone volumes or the background music," Forbes contributor Blue  Carreon reported.

Do you think Beyoncé purposefully cropped Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin from the photo?