Fox host pans Vice-president Kamala Harris' failed performance as she's not getting the Democrat's nod in the upcoming 2024 election. The vice-president's guffaw and unserious attitude have made eyebrows rise as well.

Harris has only added to Democrats' woes at choosing the wrong person to helm their hopes in the next election. Moreover, Harris has been a problem adding to the blunders of Joe Biden, who only made it worse.

Harris not worthy to succeed the president

According to Fox host anchor Jesse Waters, the VP has not been a worthy successor to an already troubled president, according to Express UK. Just like Biden, she's just made it harder to win.

This administration has seen the president drop in the polls so low. The VP has tanking numbers due to involvement in the resignation of another aide in the White House.

She is trying to deny that tensions within her office caused four staff resignations. This has placed the White House under intense scrutiny from conservatives like the Fox News network.

Jesse Waters, co-hosting 'The Five,' remarked that media-making preparation for the 2024 elections, the Democrats primary, gets done in the first twelve months of the administration.

The Fox host said it's a commentary of 2024, implying that the president is not doing well due to a litany of bad decisions. All the keys to making the jittery Democrats feel insecure in the next presidential contest that makes them sweat buckets, cite Politico.

He added that watching it happen this early and the writing on the wall is clear that Harris will not be chosen to replace the president because of her failed performance.

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The Democrats are trying to eliminate Harris' stench that will doom them more. They are possibly disowning her as vice president. Waters said the excuse of the resigned staffers of her office alleges its resume building, but that's not it really.

Harris' dropping approval ratings add to Democrats woes

Those working in Washington know each other and their backgrounds, those they campaigned for, and who they are in the VP's office. Kamala might be on her way out. People have been pushed out by her and have been easing people in public office. That's how she operates.

The host was not letting up over his criticism of the soon-to-be-gone VP, as it seems she cannot admit that she's the problem and blames the staff for anything that goes wrong, reports Fox News.

Democrats have a big problem, and it's their fault because their choices are slim and unpopular. It's a hard dive between Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris, 

Come to the elections, and the blood will spur as their white male and a woman of color are bad bets. It is a longshot that they can get the working class to vote for them.

Waters added with such irony that blacks wouldn't vote for either, and the Democrats would bleed more due to their methods.

Symone Sanders exit has hit a chord with Harris, and a one-point she got testy with one of the staffers, just like 'old Joe.'

Harris' dropping approval ratings and exit of staff members make her nomination out of reach for the 2024 elections, which will be terrifying for the Democrats.

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