A Chinese woman was shocked upon seeing secured buttons when she entered a rarely used elevator, igniting fears of secret floors and the scary things lurking in one of them.

Ms. Wu, looking for an emergency lift, and entered one with the weird padlocked buttons that she encountered. According to her, riding the elevator was horrifying, fearing these floors might have a dark history that sent shivers.

Building conceals secret floors on lift buttons

The elevator in question is a service elevator in Yancheng province, China. While inside the lift, she took pictures with her mobile phone as proof it was not a hoax. The fastening was placed so that ordinary citizens could not access the buttons, reported the Sun UK.

She describes the lift that buttons on the control panel had flaps with rusted padlocks that caught her attention. While waiting for the lift to reach her level, the woman was panicking and filming, examining the ominous elevator panel, cites the Digital Wire.

The button on the 5th floor had a metal flap over it that prevented other users access to this particular level in the building. The elevator with secured buttons said other floors had no access due to the lock and flap before the second and third floors; the controls were accessible.

The previously locked floor buttons with loose flaps indicated something must have prevented the management from allowing the public to enter these floors before. Wu added that the buttons were open and could be accessed while in the lift, leading one to think there are some hidden floors in the building.

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Why the number for the first and fourth floors are the only ones open to the public has made wild theories about what these forbidden levels are hiding and why it's locked at all. The passenger said that she had no idea what was happening and was not sure about the odd floors on the building.

She explained the odd lift with restricted buttons is a first for her. Finding such eccentric elevators is nothing but bizarre. News of the mysteriously locked fifth floor has captured the imagination of online users and what floor has in it. One opinion is why the floor is sealed and concealing something shocking to find out, noted the Ladbible.

One comment suggested even the fantastic, like saying does the lock open by itself, telling something otherworldly. But some were more sensible, saying it's the locked floor had a typical reason it is sealed and unsurprising. One commented that money owed by the fifth-floor people caused the ordinary restriction.m Another said that it's all normal, not supernatural, it happens all the time!

Elevator incidents

Elevators are used in horror films, like the Shaft and Final Destination. The setting always gives horror films something spooky.

In 2019, one such lift in Australia fell straight down eight floors where, fortunately, no one was injured.

One real tragedy happened in China after one woman got trapped when maintenance personnel shut a lift-off. The trapped woman was inside a month in there and died in 2016.

Fears sparked when a Chinese woman discovered an elevator with secured buttons that led to a sinister reason for its inaccessibility.

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