President Joe Biden's Build Back Better plan has been passed by Democrats in the House of Representatives. The bill will now be sent to the Senate, where it will be considered by the higher body. A fourth countrywide stimulus check is one element absent from the "care economy" ideas.

The $1,400 stimulus checks in March and the advance Child Tax Credit payments that began in July have hastened the improvement in hardship faced by US households since December 2020, according to recent statistics. Despite this, millions of Americans are still struggling to pay their bills, put food on the table, and pay their rent, prompting requests for more stimulus money.

Will you receive new stimulus checks?

Although the House's Build Back Better Bill did not include a fourth stimulus check, despite petitions urging for it, other initiatives championed by Biden passed the first hurdle.

Next year, families with children may be eligible for another 12 months of advance Child Tax Credit payments, as well as additional tax incentives and subsidies to assist with childcare. Democrats want to enact the law before the end of the year when the advance payments would run out unless the extension is approved, as per AS via MSN.

Despite the lack of a new federal stimulus check since the previous one was authorized in March for $1,400, a handful of states have been making their own payments to people. Maine recently announced a $285 Disaster Relief Payment, which started in November and will go through the end of the year. The statewide program will help more than half a million Mainers.

California citizens are also receiving stimulus payments ranging from $600 to $1,100 as part of the second Golden State Stimulus tax refund program. The first batch was authorized last year for low-income people and Californians who were not qualified for federal stimulus funds. The second wave provided a $600 tax rebate to around two-thirds of the state's citizens, and an extra $500 to households with at least one dependent. As the California Franchise Tax Board reviews tax returns and distributes refunds to residents, payments will continue until the end of the year.

In February, Maryland voters adopted a substantial anti-poverty initiative that will send payments of up to $500 to Maryland's poorest families and $300 to its lowest single filers. Increased payments in the form of a tax refund will continue for the next three years as part of the $1.2 billion state stimulus plan. A family with two children earning $25,000 per year would get an extra $1,100 per year.

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How to track your stimulus payment?

Three rounds of stimulus checks have been mailed out by the IRS. The most recent batch was released quite some time ago. The $1400 check, on the other hand, has yet to reach the majority of the population. Residents are anxious about their finances as a result of this. The IRS responded by issuing thorough guidance on how to track your money, as per Digital Market News.

A person must go to the "Get My Payment Tool" website. The next step is to input your Social Security Number (SSN). The payment may also be tracked using the Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN). You will be able to see the status of your payment after inputting the information. There is no payment against your name if the statement "Payment Status Not Available" appears.

Stephanie Bonin, a Denver restaurant owner, started a petition urging the US House and Senate  to introduce legislation that will offer a "$2,000 payment for adults and $1,000 payment for children immediately and ongoing monthly checks until the pandemic is over.

As of Saturday, the campaign has gathered over 2,962,640 signatures, with just 34,870 new supporters in the previous month and 6,000 in the previous week. If it fulfills its goal of 3 million signatures, it will become one of's most popular petitions.

Per East County Gazette, more than 56 members of Congress, 21 senators, and 150 experts, including Jason Furman, the former leader of the Obama administration's Council of Economic Advisers, have asked President Joe Biden to support repeating stimulus checks this year.

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