China is building its new Type 003, a match for the new Ford-class supercarriers in addition to the Shandong and Liaoning. It will exceed the capabilities of the previous two and bring the PLAN to a higher level.

The PLA is pouring resources to create a modernized armed force that could rival the US in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. But, it is not putting everything in carriers but having technologies that can take out large navy ships like it.

Meet the Type 003 massive aircraft carrier

China's unprecedented naval modernization had begun with the deployment of aircraft carriers. Outside Shanghai, a newer, bigger supercarrier is under construction. The radar satellite photos show that it is as large as China's latest installations permit, reported Naval News.

The PLAN has grown at a tremendous pace. The PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) is a remnant of what it once was. These mobile airfields are among the most exciting advances in naval warfare,

One way to get intel for defense analysts is via open-source intelligence (OSINT) to keep apace of what is relevant for their concerns. Even when clouds cover most of the shipyard, a commercial satellite can still penetrate the cloud cover to capture images, cited Continental Defence.

Beijing upgrades to massive super carriers

The giant Chinese supercarrier is at Sanya in Hainan, which is 1,900 km to the south, in a dry dock where the superstructure of China's New Type 003 is rising. The planner has chosen the place for its easy access to the South China Sea.

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Shandong Type 002 is a port in Sanya with most of the undersea fleet because of the location too.

During 2016-17, China built a massive cofferdam to keep the sea out. These piers can now be seen clearly in SAR photography. The narrow beam shows that China has no aspirations for considerably bigger carriers.

The size of the facilities shows the ship can be placed in it. But there are indications that the PLAN will observe a limit, not more significant than that.

Based on the dimensions of the dry dock, it will be the current size for all carriers to follow in the future. New facilities will have to be built for a bigger one. The PLAN will be able to do more as it becomes a blue-water force, the Diplomat.

Satellite images capture massive new aircraft carrier

Images captured with SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellites, operated by Capella Space, keep lenses on the up-and-coming carrier. It can even pierce the cloud cover too.

The Shandong and Liaoning were initially derived from Russian tech with evolution to a similar US layout developed homegrown.

With two supercarriers and China's New Type 003 in the works, which deviates from the soviet design under construction will be an upgrade that will be an addition to one of the biggest navies in the world.

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