Moscow has survived the energy crunch while Europe is dependent on Russian energy supplies or gets frozen in the winter. Despite the immediacy of the threat, many nations still cling to lowering carbon emissions and green energy that leaves Moscow in command.

EU leaders blame Vladimir Putin for controlling the taps of gas that have almost gone dry, and they have not decided what to do.

Crucial gas shortages have shut down many gas firms which couldn't cope, leaving many customers in trouble. Even Joe Biden's pleas are unheeded as the US goes into its crisis.

Russia's non-sustainable energy has proven a savior

Scheduled for the COP26 summit in Glasgow are leaders and diplomats from India, Europe, and China; they are all looking for solutions to climate change. They are going through hardship when fossil fuels from Russia could alleviate their shortages, reported the Express UK.

Moscow's decision not to develop renewable energy over the years has gotten it flak because it does not help climate change. When the lights out in China and India, non-sustainable energy has proven to be Russia's savior.

Many provinces have gone without power in mainland China as the furnaces' coal power has experienced a shortage. To save whatever supplies are left, Indian states have decided to shut the power grid that is 14-hours long each day.

Like China, India needs coal to generate electricity, as 60% of China is powered the same way, noted the International Energy Agency. How Moscow has survived the energy crunch is something to consider for other nations.

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Harsh energy crisis for Europe

Al Jazeera reports the EU nations are having a sharp uptick in the cost of electrical power because the natural gas needed to generate it is not enough. It comes after twenty months when these nations are moving economically.

The talks in Glasgow are all about limiting the use of natural gas and crude when needed most. Global warming and its prevention will cause further problems along the way.

A commitment to providing about 40 million tons of coking coal for India every year, while Europe needs the supplies of Russian fossil fuels and is begging for more gas from Gazprom, that is more than their contract provides. They too need the coal which can be provided as well.

But, despite the complaints from the European Union, it is not enough, Putin has said to renegotiate, and Russia will add it in the new supply agreement with Gazprom.

According to Thierry Bro, an energy industry analyst, and professor in France, Moscow has got the leverage now. Its adherence to fossil fuels saved it from the EU problems, noted R1 News, 

He added the price of gas and oil is high, and it will yield Moscow a lot of revenues from the sale of coal, gas, and crude; all because of foresight by the Kremlin.

The Kremlin wants Europe to realize the deal is their most disastrous event, which proves a lot. Moscow has survived the energy crunch while are suffering from it, while such a scenario shows who is correct.

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