Fishermen and experts have found the 'Lost Island of Gold' they have been looking for after it was supposed to have sunk. Records say this happened about 700 years ago, prompting many treasure hunters to come looking for it.

They have found what could be the remnants of a sunk city with fabulous treasures. Included among the fished objects were rings, pieces of jewelry, and gold coins from the long-lost city forgotten in time.

Evidence discovered as proof that 'Lost City of Gold' existed

Centuries ago, an ancient Indonesian kingdom on Sumatra Island was called the 'Lost City of Gold.' One sign that this unbelievable city existed is the find of a lifetime, a jewel-encrusted figure of Buddha worth a king's ramson or more, reported the Daily Star.

The origin of the human-sized statues is from the ancient Indian Śramaṇa in the 8th century, which is not the only mind-blowing treasure discovered.

Historically, the legendary island was part of the Srivijaya civilization, an empire of Malay Buddhists pre-eminent between the 7th and 13th centuries. They disappear from the Sumatran map about one hundred years later. But tenacious fishers and scholars have combed the locale for five years and hit pay dirt, cited Mail Online.

The group has been up and down the Musi River, close to Palembang, which is notorious for the number of crocs that live in the area. On the site, they found such items as monk bells, gems, coins, and a piece of jewelry partly worn by a sacred bird from the Lost Island of Gold.

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Other items of interest are a small buffalo and rider decoration, with beads and sandalwood gold coins. It was a find of precious treasures that till now was not easy to get to.

Lost City of Gold remains a mystery to modern-day explorers

According to British maritime archaeologist Dr. Sean Kingsley, many of the great explorers have been hunting high and low for the fabled Srivijaya, from Thailand to India but no go, until now, noted Arkeon News.

Looking at Palembang for where the fabled and disappeared kingdom could be, no archeologist has even found evidence to prove it exists. He added that Srivijaya, one of the last kingdoms, has kept its secrets until now. All the evidence was not easy to come by, the proof of its existence in the past five years of fishing in the river for evidence.

Kingsley added that treasure hunters could only imagine all coins from different eras and treasures like it was in Sinbad the Sailor.

Srivijaya was an empire and seafaring kingdom that traded in the 7th and 13th centuries as a regional power. In its heyday, the golden kingdom was now located in Indonesia, but its seat of power was on the Isle of Sumatra, on the Palembang river now.

Legend has it that Chinese coins and ceramics are seen on the riverbed. The archeologist calls Srivijaya a water world that because of its suspect location in Wreckwatch magazine.

Dr. Kingsley speculates that the ancient people of Srivijaya lived where the Palembang river is and went poof in the 14th century with no record or trace. How everything about the Lost Island of Gold disappeared is a mystery to find out.

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