The last letters penned from Hitler's bunker are revealed after getting lost in the final days of the Third Reich. It gave the personal thoughts of the Fuhrer as American and Soviet forces were hurtling to Berlin towards the end of the war.

After seventy-five years, they have been revealed to the public after a French soldier took it from his bunker. Written were his final thoughts that included killing himself and one saying 'everything is screwed.'

Letters taken from the Fuhrer's bunker were revealed 70 years later

These letters from the top-secret underground bunker were taken by a French soldier, kept for more than seventy years, and recently revealed to the public. Not knowing the value of his souvenirs, the soldier saved part of history.

In the final days, a collection of letters, telegrams, and documents are essential keepsakes, including the last order Hitler gave. Which was to send all forces left to save Berlin, reported the Daily Star.

One of the last letters written by Hitler is to commit suicide with his wife, Eva Braun. One telegram, by his private secretary Martin Bormann, says things weren't right.

These one-of-a-kind documents were saved by French soldier Captain Michel Leroy and kept for almost eighty years after stealing the letters from the Fuhrer's bunker in November 1945, nearly seven months after the ex-German chancellor died.

Leroy's son gave the packet of letters to the historian Xavier Aiolfi, which was kept by his father when alive, cited the Republic World.

Nazis were aware that evidence against them would be needed if the allies won. They embarked on a campaign to get rid of anything and burned them except the last letters penned from Hitler's bunker. Had it not been for the French soldier, they would be gone today.

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Historian reveals documents from Hitler's final days

Historians Xavier Aiolfi and Paul Villatoux have exhibited the documents publicly in their book, 'The Final Archives of the Fuhrerbunker' gleaned from seventy papers in all, noted Sputnik News.

The lack of actual documents from the Nazis has caused prosecutors to consider post-war testimonies and documents in Germany as the only source of documenting Adolf Hitler's last days alive.

It was revealed from the written sources of the collection, and it was torturous for Hitler and his entourage that Germany would fall. Everyone in the bunker feels paranoid and without hope as the Fuhrer himself.

Among the grim and dark letters, one item stood out: a drawing of brightly colored flowers and insects by Eike, Bormann's daughter. The soldier salvaged it from the wrecked bunker, including a telegram from Bormann that said Adolf Hitler would rather die than flee Berlin.

The Fuhrer was tied up in knots, and he would not leave. He made his mind as he gave the last command.

On April 25, 1945, Bormann received the last order from Hitler. Five days later, Hitler took his life with his wife dying as well.

The final command from Hitler for the German forces in Denmark, Norway, Latvia to leave for Berlin, but he was deluded and knew the enemies defeated them.

The historian hailed it as first-hand documents to the last days in Hitler's bunker. Fear of revenge from trial once the Red Army won caused this to be the complete batch of documents seen.

On May 2, 1945, Bormann killed himself to avoid capture, several days after Hitler's suicide. Soviets never admitted that they found the body. 

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