Iranian morality police using a dog catcher's pole to arrest a woman without hijab into the police van seemed a bit too extreme. The arrest could have been civil, but police used the animal control device in disrespectful treatment, not considering the woman is not a dog. It all ties in with respect for women and not using anything to demean them, which is wrong.

Iran is an Islamic state that follows Islamic conventions that includes fair treatment unless something wrong is done.

Iranian morality police using a dog catcher's pole in an arrest

Last week the video was posted online, which showed a woman getting dragged by the hair on the street in Tehran. One of the morality police used an animal control device to pull her into the van, reported the Daily Mail.

According to Masih Alinejad, a well-known Iranian women's rights campaigner, she was the one who posted the footage online. The police arrested the woman due to the lack of a hijab, which is a covering for the head that all women in Iran should wear. She disagreed with Morad Moradi, Tehran's police deputy Colonel's remarks that what caused the commotion was that the woman was aggressive and insulting. 

Alinejad added that police would invent charges to justify a woman without hijab breaching morality laws too, cited the World News.

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The Iranian women's rights campaigner said that unveiled women are often called prostitutes or cause moral corruption. She added that the videos would start adverse reactions when they notice the dog catcher's pole.

The exact location of the arrest in Tehran is not revealed, where the unidentified woman without the head covering is struggling hard. The arresting officers were pulling her into the vehicle while she was wriggling like crazy.

Off to the side, a female officer wearing a veil pulls on the struggling female's hair, another is locked on one of the arms, and the third officer pulls her with the dog pole, noted the Inside Express.

The woman is restrained by the three and is forced inside the van, where her head bangs on the vehicle's roof, and the car leaves.

Police officers tries to justify the uncivil arrest

The police official Moradi told the media that they reacted to the woman's aggression to the arresting officers. If she had followed as instructed, the arrest would be less chaotic. Moradi added that a local shop owner had charges against her, though he revealed no extra details.

When Moradi was asked if the accused woman had not been hurt in the arrest, he just said they would probe the footage further.

However, Alinejad was not confident that the officer was telling the truth, saying it was all a cover-up for what they did and violence got too extreme. She made it clear that morality police tend to beat female offenders with the same reaction. Later the woman who took the video was traced and later persecuted her.

Iran put up the morality police during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, whose job was to make people comply with the local laws. Wearing headscarves has been the subject of backlash and controversy.

Alinejad said that a woman without a hijab in public should be allowed, and the incident with the dog catcher's pole is too extreme and handled better.

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